Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 77

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • Dolremee7

    Vanness  has improved tremendously in his acting! I like most of his films and dramas. Vanness does your best. God bless you always.

  • Wanching612


  • i wish that zhengjun also told the police who they were suppose to look for/ the person threatening her brother 😡 

  • anonymous

    zj  kiss  jia  hui , i  think  zj  and  jia   hui  will  end up   being   together ,  laki ng  suso  ni  zj ,  zj  character   is so   obnoxious   and   possessive ,but  she   already   knew  that   her   former    lover  cant     love  her   back  just  like  before .  xi    en  and   jia  hua  are  perfect   for   each  other 

  • Yy17wen

    is epi 78 airing tonight ? hope so..fingers crossed

  • meow3

    i like how everyone else knows that ZJ lets QKL go already except QKL himself ! 🙂
    It lets QKL really express himself and how much he loves Xi En <3 <3 <3 Ahhhhhhhhhh.

  • Guest

    I think Yao Yao is a good enough actress for the role of Xi Hui.  However, she really should take some voice lessons–not for singing, but for when she has to yell or talk really fast.  She sounds like a chipmunk or sometimes simply annoying.  She should learn to lower the tone of her voice.  I remember Meryl Streep talking about playing the role of Magaret Thatcher and she recalled Thatcher saying she had to learn to lower the tone of her voice to gain respect or simply to get all the men she worked with in the British Parliament.

  • Guest

    The look that 007 gives Xi Hui at the hospital is like I want to remember this face as long as I can.  What’s going to happen when 007 faces off with Haifeng?

  • feipo

    I not yet watch this episode.. did 007 die??

  • Pearl

    who’s with girl’s and their cleavages in wedding dress in this dramas?

  • Imzoner115



    • Alletsallets


  • Loolala2000


  • tk <3

    Thanks Zheng Jun!!! U finally know what to do! =D Yay, can’t wait to watch the next episode!!! I’m so happy!! hehe love u Vanness and I hope 007 will be okay… =S but who cares so far the drama is awesome well it always was!!

  • I hope next episode turns out good!! Lets keep that momentum up and not letting me down!

    • Kirara

      yup.. Let’s keep the momentum going.. Let’s not stop! 

  • Guest

    I think Hong Ba likes 007 more than Jia Hua.  He respects 007’s guts, willingness to change, and willingness to sacrifice to protect Xi Hui and family.  I still think Jia Hua is less mature and more self-centered than 007.

    • Yaflute

      zj said a man’s existence is to protect the woman he loves.007 is doing it, but not ckl.

  • Aimikomi

    So did Zheng Jun do like a 360 and decide to give up Chocolate? That’s so weird. Unless it was her “plan” after all? ~_~

  • Cl

    This is one of the better episodes lately! And this should’ve happened like 30 episodes ago if it weren’t for zheng jun’s problems. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  • Grace

    does anyone have the full version of tomorrows preview?

  • if i was xi en i wouldnt get back with jia hua so easily.. :/ and i wouldnt trust him so fast either … 

  • Joanne Zeng 加油!

     i guess 007 might lose his life, together with haifeng tong gui yi jing… So sad that this show is coming to an end… Looking forward to Joanne’s other shows…. =) 

    • Guest

      It will be too cruel for 007 to go down with Haifeng.  He does not deserve it and I don’t think the script writers will do that.  At least I hope not.  He might get injured though.  I wonder if that’s the reason why he said he has to go out of the country.  He thought he might run into trouble and will need some time before coming back to Xi Hui.   The preview shows Xi Hui going to see the 4 kids with an uneasy look on her face so I wonder if she’ll get into trouble with Haifeng and that why 007 will get injured trying to save her.

      • Yaflute

        007 is unlikely to go down together with haifeng; more probably 007 will have a final faceoff with haifeng after the police stint, and this will involve life and death with xihui and 007’s life. 

        • Yaflute

          007 seems to have a heavy heart about the police raid, so there is more than meet the eyes. 

          • Joanne Zeng 加油!

            Well, no matter what, definitely something will happen though… i predict xihui will lose 007….although i hope not.. in the past its always happy endings and probably script writer might change in this case?  you will never know…

    • Jess_jess

      dont think so. i believe 007 cooperating with the police. i believe he will get jailed for his involvement but of course come out a better man after hes taken responsibilities for his past mistake. and of cuz haifeng will be out of the picture when they go to jail, so.. i hope so!

    • MrAnobody

      i have such a bad feeling too… PLEASE DON’T! i just love the couple too much! i tried to comfort myself these days that the couple are popular, so there will be an outcry if 007 is dead, and that means the scripwriter won’t write such a line… i really do hope so…

  • stickytoffee_pudding

    ZJ is such a control freak!  要放手,就放手啊。walk away.
    可怜的希恩,第三次结婚和巧克力,你还是没有‘发言权’,哪一天结婚,在哪举行婚礼…who possibly in their right mind would trust ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’ to organise a tasteful wedding?!

    • lb

      exactly, this is why i think the actress very likely is some TV exec’s relative.  who is she to dictate how, where & when JH & XE marry?  this a lousy last 10+ episodes.  in addition, the latter writer completely ruined JH & XE character development and this is why, the wedding is a bit disappointing.  a rush wedding is none equal to what could’ve been… i hope JH & XE will have more screen time til the last second of the drama. 

    • HMMM??

      why does she gets to tell them what to do….. doesn’t make any sense at all ……

  • happy

    but i don’t understand why is there two bride and him in the middle…..

  • Rgrthgwrt


  • Guest

    I think something will go wrong with the police sting of Haifeng.  Perhaps Haifeng knew 007 would do something like that because in the complete preview it shows 007 going to the pool hall fighting Haifeng.  

  • Guest

    Love the way 007 looks at Xi Hui at the hospital.  You can see and feel his love for Xi Hui.

  • Likejujuju

    “【愛上巧克力】 預告-我心愛的人只有你一個”

  • 不可思議

    金魚眼、兔唇、鳥仔腳、表情木訥。。。。還加上個討人厭的角色; 呵呵, 大概是製作人的 什麼人吧。

    • stickytoffee_pudding

      同意。我认为小小 has more talent in her little pinky than that ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’

      TiAmo Chocolate的《最佳情侣奖》该发给一下哪一对呢?
      a) 小小和威力 
      b) 希惠和 ‘007路边停‘
      c) 希恩和巧克力


      我投 A 小小和威力

      • guest


      • feipo

        小小和威力 for me, though I think 希惠和 ‘007路边停‘ is a good pair…

    • Alletsalletsallets


  • Dorisie


  • happy

    aw man! i cant wait for tmr’s episode!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happiness

    Yes! Finally got good ending.

  • LoveXQ

    Finally finally finally back to normal!!!!!

  • Jess_jess

    oh yes finally ZHENG JJUN WILL BE GONE, and then xi ennnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! and choc!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh~~~~ 

  • 维娜

    Wow!!! this is the good episode. I like it…Finally the story of TI AMO CHOCOLATE back to normal. Anyway still got 3 episode to go so hopefully everything will be good and happy ending.
    The preview show that Xi En wear a nice and pretty 新娘礼服. This one is better than the first one she wear.

  • xxxxxxxxxx


  • 快要看不下去了

    還有失意並不代表變笨啊… 郝姐問的問題怎麽會那麽 -_-||| …  OK,沒關係,這是演戲,勉強可以接受。 但有人可以告訴我:巧達比賽是方爸極力反對家樺做巧克力時就有的,為什麽變成華仁主辦?

    • Guest

      之前是奶奶邀请那个谁 来台湾 举办比赛的阿 在帮巧克力找妈妈的时候 那当然是

    • TiAmo

      and where’s the international judge? why is Tiamo Chocolate master and haojie become the judge too?

    • guest

      是巧克力的奶奶要辦的, 所以也可以算是華仁主辦

  • Siewling1020


  • stickytoffee_pudding

    赢得巧达比赛, 这一刻是属于希恩的,为什么’girlwithgoldfishpout’就来枪风头呢?
    讨厌!she just have to go and spoil the moment for XiEn

  • Jess_jess

    vanness look so haggard nowadays. = i still like the playful and cheery vanness in the start of tiamo chocolate.

    • Starstar

      He is a good actor.  I could feel his frustrations and pain while going through these episodes.  He can really act.  This is an excellent drama.   A Lot of unexpected things happen.  Afterall, everyone plays their roles very well. Love it!!

      • Jess_jess

        i agree!!! vanness is such a good actor!!! he really gives off the ‘feel’ thats needed and so. ahhhh!! but i feel the script spoilt everything though. =

    • lb

      yes, the playful and witty start that attracted all of us and now, half distorted by the latter writer team.  i wish the two leads will do another drama with a DIFFERENT but better production team.
      still can’t get over why they need ZJ’s permission and lame planning to wed…

      • Jess_jess

        oh totally agree with you. the whole story became horrible and draggy. but im glad at least its coiming to an end. it wouldve been perfect if they made it a maybe.. 40 episode drama. cuz aft halfway it just went downhill

  • Amy


  • Jess_jess

    oh yes! thank you! 🙂

  • tt_02


    • A1152029a


  • A1152029a