Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 76

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • Woonkhim1221


  • ~Sue~

    Can someone please tell me what “揪咪” means?

    • Yay


  • Miko

    why does she always end up in hospital!! maybe thats where she belongs!!!

  • Guest


    到最後老公依舊愛戈嘉儀, 家驊依舊只當她阿姨 !

  • Irene22199980


  • anonymous

    ang   sweet ni  xi  hui  tsaka  yung  dyowa  niya  , nagsubuan pa  . if  i were   zhen jun  i would  slap  him  for  kissing   me ,  zj  will  finally  give  up  jia  hua  .  if iwere  her  , i wont   be  a   burden  to   jia  hua

  • jt

    toys always drop to the ground in this show. >.>

  • 3443

    i totoally agree…dont know why im still watching it…ski[pping thru it..the story is so …draggy n messy

  • awesome me

    ELOPE!!!!!! ta men yao si ben!!!

  • LB

    My two cents: the camera zoomed in when ZJ’s back hit the handrail, wonder if she’s truly hurt now… Or why is she back in the hospital again?


  • feipo

    aiyoh. why ZJ so “ke Lian”.. first is fake leg got problem.. now fall from staircase…

  • Kiwiyuen927


  • vv


  • feipo

    I dont watch this drama anymore but enjoy reading the comments here.
    The story kind of become so messy and complicated.
    and all the charactor behaviour so OUT.
    For Xi En, thought she suppose to be very brave and straight forward type of girl, but now, look at her, always hesitate, and pls, love cannot be shared. You love QKL, why must give him to ZJ. is so not XIEN.
    Now I watch only for 007 & Xi Hui(thought she sometimes can be very annoying). But I like this pair…

    Wonder how many audience turn to 007 couple for this Drama…
    Hahaha.. I will be the first one to put up my hand

    • Hapi

      ME! Lol, i didnt even know who 007 is when i first watched this drama lol. Now i guess im his fan already hahaha *blushed*

    • Liiloo_lii

      well i still like xi en and jia hua, since they are also loving eachother. I think ppl do not understand what they are going through, since many haven´t maybe gone through the same thing 🙂

      Try to put yourself in their shoes , then you feel. You only watching the moving picture. But try to dig to the general human nature and understand psychology a bit …

      yeah i do  not like Zheng Jun  , but she is the type of woman what we also have inside. If you can see the same or similar behavioural batterns  on yourself. Then theres no late to recognise those and change.

  • Na2s2o3


    • LB

      Glad someone noticed, too. Sigh…

    • 小恩


  • Mm

    I think 007 and XiHui has better chemistry than ever!

  • CT

    From beginning, I don’t like to watch xien and chocolate scene as the storyline is very draggy now I find ridiculous,  such a simple love story, these 2 mature people do not know  how  to handle, it tells me that their IQ is really extremely low. In another way, may be the script writer just want to make a total of 80 eps so he/she just adds in those unreasonable scene.
    Luckily, I still enjoy the show just because of 007and xihui. When I  re-watched, I just skipped the rest except 007 and xihui.
    007 and XiHui, Jia You.

  • Pearl

    有没有! covers mouth XD

  • tk <3

    Yay!!! Finally things are getting better and getting way interesting not draggy anymore! And thanks to Zheng Jun thank you so much =) u finally know what to do and yeah I guess that’s it but I guess I don’t hate u that much anymore =P and also 007 and Xi Hui so cute in today’s episode =D can’t wait for next episode! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! <33333

  • Kirara

    things are FINALLLY Getting interesting.. YAY! 😀

    • Op

      Because its gonna end

  • Guest

    真的快看不下去了, 一整集用跳的看……現在這齣戲已經太繞著政君還有巧克力的事情打轉太久太拖了.

  • Guest

    It’s so terrible that 007 and Xi Hui ended their sweet date with an argument over ZJ.  But I’m glad that Xi Hui stands up so strongly to 007.  What a blow to 007 to know that he’s disappointed Xi Hui.  Actually, the two women in 007’s life are both very strong willed.  It’s quite a headache for him when the women are against each other.

    • Jess_jess

      but tbh at least xi hui is quite reasonable at times. though shes still kinda childish. while zj is just totally spoilt and unreasonable

  • anige

    要去拜拜唷!!!! :”))

    • stickytoffee_pudding

      ZJ must own a ‘frequent visitor’ card, for each stay she earns loyalty points, in exchange for a treatment…choose from lip botox, voice coaching, limbs reduction…. to personality transplant!!!!

  • DK

    OMG! Xihui is so childish.  She asked 007 to wear a T-Shirt with her photo on it.  007 is already a mature man.  No wonder he was embarrassed….

  • Mira

    Xihui and 007 were so sweet, but he did not respond on her propose

  • Cl

    Xi hui and 007 were so cute today!!

  • Grace

    can we see how the cue pics turned out?!! hahaha

  • Ilee

    上回用30秒看完一集,這次進步用5分鐘看完007的精華片段,辛苦了工作人員 !

  • 不要小三!巧恩加油♥


  • Skull_Ching


  • T-os

    政君你什么时候烧纸不好干嘛非得破坏7惠的好事!! ><

  • Hapi

    Sooooo loving this episode! Sweeeet!

    Love love love how 007 reacts – from how reluctant he is to wear the tees, to how funny he says “QIUMI”, how shy he is to feed Xihui, how excited he gets when he managed to catch the toy, how cheeky he is during neoprints, how sweet and loving he is in the pool….

    I think while 007 managed to make Xihui grows up, Xihui managed to bring back the childhood that 007 lost in a way….=)

    As for the rest of the scene i have no comment because its soooo hot, i melted already…LOL!

  • Sad

    看了preview, 没猜错的话,噁心的陆小姐应该回头了,终于象个"人"啦!

  • Grace162888

    love the conversation and fighting scene of hung’s sister….

  • vv


  • 维娜

    政君真的回頭了吗?有点不相信她的话。看到下一集的短片, 好像政君还没有放弃家驊啊。为什么巧克力还喝这么醉呢?
    巧恩, 以顶要加油哦。。。Kambateh!!!!

  • 祝福巧恩

    鄭君一直出事=  =

  • “You can keep hurting yourself to threaten him . It might work once, or twice but it doesn’t mean it will work forever” 


  • “I  never gave you any pressure regarding Zheng Jun’s situation just because xi en is my sister but it doesn’t meant I don’t care. I just thought you guys could deal with it maturely. You know why I liked you in the first lace? It’s because you have ruler in your heart, you always knew how to handle situations in the right way. I’m really disappointed in you. ”

    I am so proud of her for sticking up for what she believes in even to 007!! 😀 You go girl. 

  • “It’s because you keep spoiling her that she is like the way she is now. It’s as if she thinks the whole world owes it to her or something. Whatever she wants, you give it to her. ” 


  • DUDE XI HUI CAN HANDLE THINGS SO MUCH BETTER THAN XI EN. I love the way she sticks up for what she believes in even if that person is 007, the one she loves. 


    • stickytoffee_pudding

      and well done to xihui because she stood firm and sqaure up to ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’, she did not waver and fall for ZJ’s ‘look at poor old me, you must feel sorry for me’ talk. 

  • Guest


  • Happiness






  • guest


  • vv


  • Agnes


    • ew no she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven unless she does something heaps noble then maybe she’ll earn my respect 

  • Guest

    終於… 77集有令人期待的感覺了…

  • stickytoffee_pudding

    我赞成!我同意!That’s  the way to go :o) 
    巧克力,你终于想通了 :o) ps: 其实,我老早就想到 ‘走为上策’这一招了,amen.看来,明天会更好 :O)

  • chocolate-lover

    did i miss something before? how come jia rui has zheng jun hair clip?

  • Jess_jess

    i’m confused with the two previews! first one shows zheng jun gives choc back to xi en with a condition, but 2nd preview shows zheng jun still making things difficult. =( 
    anyway, ‘si ben’ omg. theres only 4 more eps left, why still adding more complications in?????

  • CL


  • Kyo


  • Jess_jess

    don’t know if zheng jun is really going to give choc back to xi en, but she better do so. and not ruin things between xi en and choc anymore. cant wait for tomorrow’s episode!!

    • stickytoffee_pudding

      i think she is using ‘give Qiaokeli back’ as an excuse, play the ‘poor wee soul’ role in public, get some sympathy votes.  But her real motive is simply to upset XiEn, so that she cannot concentrate on the competition…if ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’ wants to give up Qiaokeli, all she needs to do is simply walk away. 
      Warning: You cannot trust her as far as you can throw her!

      • oh yes, i am totally wishing that she would just POOF and disappear from the whole show.



    • Jess_jess

      yesss! his eyes are so bright!

  • Question

    連航空信封怎麽寫都不知道,  11:00-12:00 , 政君寫給家瑞的信怎麼會寫 : “陸政君,中華民國。。。。”

    到底是誰寫給誰的, 家瑞手上的信不該是政君寫給家瑞的嗎?  如果是家瑞寫給政君的, 那是不是應該:
    “Lu zheng jun, ……USA” ?  簡直亂來, 連劇情都弄不清楚, 而且普通常識都沒, 信封的格式也不對, 那樣寫會寄到才怪。

  • Guest

    Love the scenes between 007 and Xihui in this episode ! It showed how sweet and how much 007 loves Xihui . Awww such a sweet couple <3 . 😀

    • Guest

      Seriously the whole episode is about them! shld be Xien and QKL instead since they are the main actor and actresss… Screwed up.

  • Favpink86

    today so much 007 and xi hui story!!! Nice!! but i think is because 007 is going some where far away…that y everything xi hui wants he give in to her….

  • C Hany

    Like Like Like !! <3

  • Cheonsamiso

    i don’t like that zenjung’s face.. so ugly like one of them pug dogs  O_o

    • sydlala

       OIIII pug r so cute! SHES NOT!!!!!!

    • stickytoffee_pudding

      ZJ = ‘girl with goldfish pout’ + with spider-like arms & legs …

  • MrAnobody


  • Dada

    今集超級好看,七惠戀,如果每集都可以看他們sweet sweet就好了。

  • :)

    cyumi 🙂

  • A1152029a


  • Guest

    thanks 🙂 

  • Yyy

    Tku 🙂

  • vv


  • Chun_luan2004

    Thx 🙂

  • Jess_jess

    yay thank you!