Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 72

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • anonymous

    jia   hua  carry   xi  en   very    sweet ,  he   still      have   feelings   for   her  .     zhen  jun   is    so  desperate  to     get   jia   hua   .   she   is   so   stupid  that  she    let  jia   hui    go  ,  she   must   treasure   him  because   he   is  truly   love   her

  • Guest

    我怎麼覺得家瑞那段有點像”和惡魔交易   結果控制不住 惡魔就升級”的感覺

  • Ally

    I am really starting to dislike this show more and more. I mean it’s like super draggy. The director as well as the script writer should really consider watching this whole drama and tell us their thoughts on it. I believe by then they will realize how much the ratings decreased over the past episodes. Really hope that the script writer won’t disappoint us and give us a suckish ending. If they do, I seriously have nothing to say. Well, only one sentence. I WASTED MY GOD DAMN TIME ON THIS DRAMA. Though I do enjoy watching 007 and Xi Hui together and Xiao Xiao and Wei Li together. (: Hopefully their love blossoms even more! (;

  • Miko

    zhen jun is so anoyying…dont you understand….  you cannot force LOVE!! 

  • gifts

    why does jia rui have to nod everytime he says a sentence???!!! so annoying!!!

  • Y_mimi25


  • Fiera Fedenko

    Super duper boring

  • lol

    zhengjun is so ugly ..even with makeup..imagine her without
    her face pisses me off, she shud just go die, good job jia rui for not helping her
    i kinda wanna see the next episode…im wondering if jia hua will actually kiss zhengjun…when jia hua proposes, he doesnt seem happy whatsoever, how can zhengjun not see that?!?! ARGHHHH

  • thin Xin Hui

    this show is getting from bad to worse! xi en and choco already miss the chance to marry once le…now should be can marry le but in the end the drama still need drag longer for wat??!! i dont understand!! the actors no other thing to do ah? only have this show to take meh? like keep dragging until no main topic liao… lols!!

    • Liiloo_lii

      if the scriptwriter has wrote the script then actors have not too mutch to say against it. Cmoon ppl it is a TV not real life…

  • 小詩


  • lol

    zhengjun does play the bad second female lead all the time in dramas…or some random prostitute 😛

  • Judyhuang1993


  • awpc

    The turnout of this drama really SUCKS! I wonder how  Vanness can continue this acting & Zhenjun must be sleeping with the director & script writer.Don’t they know the story line is getting worst.

  • Dfdf

    正均好噁喔 長的像蟑螂一樣 還要巧克力吻他 要不要臉阿 他

    • 小恩


  • EF

    唉!!!  現在怎麼在每一部戲裡面 討厭的人都會說 “吻我!!”   這只會令人倒胃口!!

    • Guest


  • Cocotam


  • 小恩

    希恩和巧克力,加油 加油 加油 哦

  • P_isandy


    • Sandy

      既然都要娶政君了 他和希恩還有美好的未來嗎?
      說啥鬼話呀 難不成娶了陸政君之後再離婚嗎 ?

      • sticky_toffee_pudding

        除非巧克力想用‘以毒攻毒’…让政君得到她所要的一切: ‘吻我’ (恶心!); ‘浪漫求婚’ (真恶心!!);结婚 (超级恶心!!!),这么做他就对她‘负责了’。 然后, 巧克力就可以与希恩一起私奔, 去一个路政君找不到,跟不到的地方结婚 & live happily ever after…aaaahhhh :o)

  • DJK

    Why didn’t Haifeng just kidnap Zhengjun?  It is so painful to see her in this drama.  She gets way too much airtime ever since she appeared.  🙁

  • ZZ

    Zhengjun is phsyco bitch!

  • Hh898163

    政君真是一個播壞人幸福的壞小三+厚臉皮心腸毒辣的壞女人!!! ==

  • Hapi


    Why is everybody hating Zhengjun when its Jiahua who refused to say NO to her?
    How hard is it for him to just say – “No, fxxk off”?

    The script writer dont even make any sense when Jiahua said he did all these to protect Xien, because all along the things Zhengjun did was to hurt herself instead. Maybe if they were to write that Zhengjun plot to kill Xien, then it would makes sense that Jiahua needs to protect Xien by leaving her. But no leh, Zhengjun rannn towards the car to get her own self killed instead….so….is Jiahua protecting Zhengjun or Xien?

    And i know he is guilty….but how can he get married with someone he is full of guilts with? |

    Man, they need a better plot.

  • tk <3

    What the heck is wrong with Zheng Jun?? Wake up stupid girl!! I hate you!!! Gosh, I thought Chocolate and Xi En were supposed to be together. How come now Zheng Jun and Chocolate are marrying?? This is a total mess! I just wish the Hai Feng could’ve kidnapped her and killed her and happy ending for all!! Why didn’t Chocolate say no?? Man something is wrong with him…!!?! But seriously, how come Xi En doesn’t do anything? I thought I would love this drama cuz I thought it would be a good ending but idk I don’t like the next episode!! Just get over it Zheng Jun, Jia Hua doesn’t like u!! UGHHHH! I want to hit her so badly and I bet she is like that in real like!! But it’s okay, ik that in the end it will be Chocolate and Xi En so Xi En, Jia Yo!! Fight for your love! <3 Get it back and give Zheng Jun a big hard slap on her face! 🙂 Love you Vanness 😛 and where did the Hong Family go and where is Wang Zi Yi? but yeah… hope Zheng Jun would die!!!

  • Kirara

    So its starting to look like Zheng jun’s actions mirror Fang Mama’s life a little.. coincidence?? I’m sure she’s watching and regretting a bit.. 

    On a good note.. you can tell that the scene with Xi En and Jia Hua was pretty meaningful.. no words, yet full of held back emotions.. but not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

    But as I mentioned before someone needs to trick Zheng Jun into going to a rehab center! The slapping, hitting, doing other things to Zheng Jun is apparently not working because she’s still plotting and doing other things, but until she’s is literally removed from everyone’s sight, things can only get better! 🙂 

  • T234g

    This soap pop dragging too long, too many episode. Just want see the happy ending soon.

  • sa


  • Mz_hypo89


  • Mz_hypo89

    OMG i want to Bash the shit out of ZHENG JUN,  WHY DOES XI EN DOES ANYTHING??? OMG I FUCKEN HATE THAT BITCH ZHENG JUN!!!! where is Wang Zi Go? come back and get Jia Hua and Xi En back together.

  • Theresa Zhao

    slap her jia rei!

  • Jtliff

    ZhengJun is disgusting, i feel like she’s like that in real life too.

  • Guest

    there i think the scripwriter is showing this tv series to those ‘zhenjun’ in the reality as a mirror to make them understand and ‘wake up’…

  • Kz

    平常看電視劇,看到女演員演活一個小三/瘋婦的角色,會覺得是她的演技,但賴琳恩的演出是讓人覺得她本人就是這個樣子,是一個不管男女觀眾看了都會討厭的女人 !

    • Mira


      • sticky-toffee_pudding


        但是这并不代表’girlwithgoldfishpout’的演技好.  她没什么表情,眼睛也无法转达任何 ‘energy’…maybe that’s why,我们无法理解巧克力得一举一动, we are just ‘not getting it’ 因为她的演技太差了。 Just one lousy actress, the one thing she’s got going for her, that is, 超级没有人缘!

    • Guest

      可是如果她真的讓你這樣覺得,那這不就代表她演戲好嗎? … ps 我也不喜歡她了..只是想發表自己的意見 😛

    • Wanching612


  • wot went wrong

    what the fuck is wrong with the writers of this show it was ggod in the beginning but fucked itself up when that whore arrived.
    the show could have lasted without her charactor even exsiting, because they had the chocolate competition, the mother issue (would have still be good without her being ill which is a stupid mistake all writers make with their shows) and 007/XH story with out but ugly weird freek with the red eyes (did the make up artists make a mistake with his make up and couldnt be bothered to change it so they stuck with it).
    they also could have done something different with XP.

    there were so many options but sadly they went with the typicaly stupid unoriginal route with the stupid, heartless, pathetic, boring, ugly, dull, twatty second female lead that just sucks.

    I also agree with what some others of you have said that the actress is eaither sleeping with the director or the director likes her or is the real life version of her charator and doesn’t understant the meaning of the woords I DON’T LIKE YOU, NO, STOP IT, YOUR NOT ALWAYS RITE and many others.

    what a shame

  • guest 12


  • Liiloo_lii

    Nooooooooooooo, that is awful. Cmoon please someone do something wit that crazywoman. Please please. Keep her away from Jia Hua!!!!!

  • Damn it ….

    fuck zhengzun
    stupid selfish piece of rubbish !
    omg !
    she’s crazy…

  • addict

    good on you jiarui! at least you have knocked some sense into yourself.

    i know this sounds bad, but haifeng should have just captured ZJ and kill her. happy ending for all.

  • Guest

    The script writers better give 007 and Xi Hui one good and long ending with all the troubles they are being put through.  At least Jia Hua and Xi En had good times in the beginning but there was hardly any time for 007 and Xi Hui to enjoy each other as a couple.  Although their love for each other is deep but give them and us a break to enjoy them as a couple.

  • CJ

    I thought in the previous episode jia hua said he will marry neither of them!! Why did he decide to marry zheng jun, the psycho omg… Doesn’t make any sense!!

  • Exactlyjoy

    where is 007 ? 🙁

  • TACfan

    I want to vomit after watching that last part for the next episode….”kiss me”….WTF!?!?!?!

  • Chocoholic

    After watching today’s and the preview,
    my conclusion is that the actress LZJ must be
    good friend of director or writer. She get all
    the airtime even though everyone hates
    her and the show ratings dropping..
    Sigh.. And she even get to wear wedding
    gown and kiss JH…
    Sorry, just venting my angry:(

    • 小恩


    • Sad

      hands up, toes up!!!!!!!!! totally agreed!

  • Xeniachang


  • Jan

    No 007 & Xi Hui today. Look forward to next episode

    Only left with 8 episodes and 007 & Xi Hui facing so many problems? Hai Feng, police raiding the place? Hong Pa objections?? 

    I am really tired, i am repeating this umpteen times, please let us have more sweeter moments of 007 & Xi Hui 

    • Mm

      Cannot agree with u more

  • stickytoffee_pudding

    就像小小说的,”真是气死人…好恐怖 ! ”

  • 维娜


    • Mira


      • JJ

        Actually, I think she is ugly. 

        • EF

          damn right!! so freaking ugly!  specially when she say ”kiss me!” in the preview!! i just want to vomit!

  • Mira


  • *_*

    this drama is reli killing people now..-_-
    when zj said kiss me,i hope chocolate just slap her instead..lol

    • stickytoffee-Pudding

      who knows, maybe Qiaokeli’s mum will just turn up & interrupt proceeding. She is going to take a funny turn and freak out at ZJ because she is not XI en…fingers crossed

  • 维娜

    我以为这一集会是好的开始对巧克力和希恩的爱情故事, 但还使让我有点失望啊。
    编剧啊,为什么你还是写这么多那个狐狸的故事啊?你知道吗这样的故事真的很无聊哦。。编剧, 您到地知道谁是主要的演员吗, 希恩或是陸政君?还有八集,我看了下一集的短片真的是看不下去了。巧克力要和那个狐狸陸政君结婚, 编剧你真的也疯了。。我真的 真的很失望啊。我斗快放弃看这部电视剧了。。。

  • helenvdubb

    haiya,, how come next episode like this?????
    maybe the story without wang zi, then they replace the story line of wang zi, to zheng jun..
    it should be more interesting.. because left 8 episode.

  • vv


  • Jiajia



  • HappyXQ

    Bitch, 你的是烂螨求婚,瘟我!

    • stickytoffee_pudding

      我同意!政君的‘浪漫求婚’ 超级恶心!…YUCK :o(

      希恩,算了, it’s time to cut your losses and run for your life!

    • EF

      她說 ‘吻我!’ 的時候. 真的有種 不具名的嘔心!!

  • Dorischinnl

    High blood pressure after see the preview….

  • Sky_smile_922


    • Wanching612


  • xy

    Why must he marry zhengjun?!?!?!

  • happy

    zheng jun is horrible, her case needs to be deleted, if chocolate and xi en are without happy ending, there is no point to keep watching!!

    • tk <3

      I totally agree =D

  • lindagossips

    Finally JIARUI WOKE UP from his one sided love of helping ZhengJun to get his brother. But isn’t it abit too late?! I’m so glad that JiaRui’s mum tried to help JiaHua with ZhengJun while he can go see XiEn. So touched by XiEn, she will wait for CHOCOLATE with HaoJie at TiAmo Chocolate. SO SWEET! <3

    JiaRui should have let HaiFeng take ZhengJun away. Give HaiFeng & ZhengJun chance to breed some love, you know? hehehehe…

    Bad points about today, NO 007 AT ALL! *sad* I wonder whats gonna happen in the next eps, HongPa took XiHui away from 007 & he looks angry. =/

    I can't believe it's ending soon! No more 007 every night. My BOSS~ </3

    • lindagossips

      By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YAOYAO aka XiHui! =D

    • Bubu

      I wouldn’t say that JiaRui woke up…i mean, in the preview, he was almost…shoving JiaHua and ZhengJun’s engagement in XiEn’s face. 
      I wouldn’t call that waking up…

      • lindagossips

        Let’s just hope that he was just trying to WARN XIEn about her losing JiaHua if she is not gonna do any action. =)

  • seabreeze

    only left 8 more eps and now qkl is going to marry lzj, what is this?-_-

    • 维娜

      编剧你真的也疯了..(The script writer CRAZY already)

  • Pearl

    Oh my gosh; that girl’s got some problems: one minute, she’s like: save me my hero! and the next she’s like: it’s your idea for your mom to come take care of me right? why are you messing w/ my love life=.=”” she’s got PROBLEMS =.=”’

    • Pearl

      I can see why chocolate doesn’t want her in xi en’s life XDDD

    • stickytoffee_pudding

      ‘some problem’ – that’s an understatement. The girl with a goldfish pout has a BIG problem..her ego is way too BIG, she is such an egocentric, selfish mess. 

  • Hello


  • chocolate-lover

    政郡and 不倒翁looks good together, maybe they will fall for each other inside the jailhouse and be a couple…..lol

    • tk <3

      that really should happen!

  • Jan

    Ok i am going to start watching now, looking at the comments… i think the 007 part will be quite bad as well… 

  • Scopiorox

    I’m still at ep 65 basically I’m quite disappointed with the overall story line and has no urge to follow the show closely.  There are some scenes that are not explained properly like in 63 (?), how siao siao appeared at the airport and saw jia hua “bumping over’ old school mate and siao siao mistaken her as zheng jun…. the whole storyline is too “made up” for continuity sake, unlike Inborn Pair (the scenerios & events flows very quite naturally), Ti Amo should have stopped at 30, 80 is just too much…an yes, i agree with some of u, the father is too “loh soh” meaning too long-winded, always so possessive of his daughters (I prefer the mother, more rationale)….can’t stand jia rui who is so stupid as to give in to everything and encourage zheng jun to pursue his own brother when his own brother already clearly told him to pursue his true love..!!! anyway…my criticism will be endless….however, i must say vanness has improved in his acting….007 is a little too expressionless at times..

  • Drwho

    it is disgusting to look at qkl n lzj… when she ask him to kiss her in the preview…… yukkk yukkkk yukkk, 

  • number one

    i fun feel like watching this show anymore …….. why zj lyk tat one so selfish !!!!!!!!!

  • Jtlt

    I am sorely, sorely disappointed. The plot has become so truncated. I can’t be bothered to write anymore because I have lost interest already. 🙁 The only thing keeping me here is 007 and it looks like they are stretching his story a bit thin as well. 🙁

    • Yaflute

      Agree with you, m losing interest in giving detailed comments. 7-hui part is also spiralling down hill, 


    noooooooo don’t get married with zj……. bad bad bad idea…..this is going to ruin QKL life…… selfish lzj…… i thought QKL said in last episode he won’t get married with either of them. 

  • Mm

    What a waste of time for today, this is getting worst, drag on even more. How many times HF is going to take some kind of actions and stop halfway. A smart guy like 007 just cannot do anything about it…..and he may lose XH and the trust from H pa again. ( from the preview, he doesn’t look too sad, he always has the same face when they blame him for anything).
    Another smart guy like Chocolate just cannot deal with a crazy woman but get married with her? I know they need to drag on for another 8 eps, but the storyline…….

  • Waiting

    Everday i will read the comment before I start watching it!!! So that I will get myself well prepared not to “shock” by how bitch Zheng Jun seduce Jia Hwa and how Jia Hwa “kidnaped” by the stupid bitch!
    And I won’t be so sad for Xi En till I cannot sleep! I will still follow as I want to see that stupid bitch’s so called “happy ending”!!!!!!

  • Happiness





  • Yaflute

    zhengjun’s obsession is beyond the pale! she is absolutely fixated with winning over jiahua. 

  • Emmy


  • Siewling1020

    zheng jun 真的很恐怖,很吓人!快点不要她出现!

  • Jess_jess

    disgusted. and seriously zheng jun got darn ugly fat lips. doesnt anyone agree w me? looks like she gt lip fillers. 

    tbh xi en is always e 1 trying to make choc stay. sick of it zzzz. 

    crippled woman shld just get killed by vampire guy then vamp guy goes jail. then happily ever after for all couples n the end.

  • guest

    this freaking zheng jun. wah angry angry!!!!

  • chocolate gril





  • 999

    this episode is such a waste of time 

  • hihibyebye

    zheng jun’s too slutty alr, forced jia hua to marry her. WHY CANT SHE SEE THE TRUTH??!!

  • Agnes

    惡魔的政君、回頭的家瑞、傀儡的巧克力和堅強的希恩…….唉!今天我告訴自己不要生氣,因為我要好好的看看內心如此自私醜陋女人最後的下場是什麼! – ________-

  • Sicaftwever


  • A1152029a


  • guest


  • zheng jun you goddamn son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!! curse you forever!!! 幹!!

  • =”]

    zheng jun needs to be sent to a mental hospital! end of story.

  • chocolate gril

    Abraham0816你在七十回覆我的想法還不錯耶,”愛上巧克力”是大置上純純的戀愛,”再嘗巧克力”便成人妻人夫大抉擇! 這個好! XD

    • chocolate gril

      給Abraham0816:你在七十集回覆我的想法還不錯耶,”愛上巧克力”是大置上純純的戀愛,”再嘗巧克力”便成人妻人夫大抉擇! 這個好! XDsorry,補漏字

  • WHAT?!!!!

    The nxt ep must be kidding me!! -.- guess there is no point for me to watch the nxt ep manx.

  • every day here..

  • qwerty123

    why is xi en always the only one trying to hold on to this relationship?

    • tk <3

      ikr she should get her happy ending and Zheng Jun should go die!

  • Aznamy


    • stickytoffee_pudding


    • tk <3

      me 2

  • TiAmo

    我每天都要照顾政君现在 – an interesting grammar, shdnt it be 现在,我得每天照顾政君

  • Jess_jess

    High expectation for this episode since Zheng jun is going to get pissed! Awesome!

  • Mira

    Thanks for da upload

  • Aznamy

    second =D

  • chocolate gril