Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 60

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • 0401

    Lol kind of stalkerish when he was at the college making sure xi hui got in the testing =.=

  • Ginananana

    Wait.what happened to the chocolate competition?! Lol did I skip something? :oo

  • Fuegoerika

    if   i  were  xi  en   i would slap  this  zhenjun  for  ruining  our  wedding

  • Jenn

    lol where in the world did Van’s mom go?

  • Sherry


  • meow

    Got a few heart attacks in this episode! and zheng jun WHY?!!  you just started to be likeable and the preview just made me hate you again!!! the airport scene was sweet ! But i didnt expect them to just meet back up for the first time after the break up just like that. Was expecting it to happen much later where they really miss each other after not seeing each other for some time. 

  • hello

    omg lol i want qiao ke li to realize how much xi en means to him. instead of the other way round..since the previous episodes he was being the bitch by not caring about the wedding at all. . but thats okay too 😛

  • P_isandy


    • Leemiki


  • Aimikomi

    Is Zheng Jun pulling the trick of trying to pretend to get back with Vanness so Xi En will realize how much he means to her or is she really trying to get back Vanness? Series is dragging ~_~

  • Guest

    I wonder how Zheng Jun going after Chocolate would affect 007 and Xi Hui’s relationship? 

  • hello

    how often does a new episode come out? can someone please tell me? 🙂 thanks!

    • Abraham0816

      One episode perday,Monday to Friday.

      • hello

        thanks! really appreciate it 🙂

  • Abraham0816


  • Na2s2o3


  • Yaflute

    Things are looking up for 007 – his reconciliation with his sister, and zhengjun’s seeming approval for him to pursue his heart (xihui), and xien appears to relent and even persuades him to meet xihui before his trip. This bodes well for him.  

  • OnceUponAWillow

    不是說已經放下了嗎?! 而且還對瑞有那麽一絲剛萌生愛的眼神feel.


    兜兜轉轉說過的話又不算數了? 太拖了啦! 

    • Ocean


  • Damn


  • Guest

    Bobby Dou (007) is such a good actor.  Better than so many of these pale face 花美男 idol drama male leads.  He’s manly, mature, and charismatic.  I hope he gets many good offers as male leads for other shows after this one.  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching him as 007.  I hope that 007 and Xi Hui will have a good portion of screen time of the remaining episodes.

    • Yamiami

      you can watch his 牽牛花開的日子 he did a great job as well. 🙂 

  • Samia_star379

    Why was xiao xiao at the airport?

  • Fu6fu69

    OMG wtf…why is 007 so annoying. why do u need to keep hurting her and even wrote her a letter just saying those words…and lol i think its so funny that she found it on the floor…hhahah sigh…ahahah oh well..i still enjoy the show..hhha

  • why

    can somebody please reassure me?
    was there a preview that 007 and xihui kissing and 007 said, ‘這一輩子我只愛希惠一個’?



      • Guest

        To to 竇智孔 Bobby Dou’s facebook and you’ll find the preview

      • Milly

        omfg ! I saw it !
        i screamed like a freak !
        omg omg !
        love the preview ! <3
        HUGE KISS SCENE ! <3 finally !
        007 and xi hui go hard !

    • Samia_star379

      Yea there was a preview on them to kissing and 007 saying that. I think it might be on tmrw episode or wed.

      • why

        Thanks for reassuring!!! Just can’t really believe that the producer is so kind to them and me by putting them together:)

  • Guest

    The writers and director of this show is very sneaky.  They purposefully put out preview of Xi Hui happily running towards 007 to embrace him even after she read the letter yet it seems like the letter was a ‘goodbye’ letter.  So are they going to be together or not?  If you look at 007’s reaction to Xi En’s questions it’s sometimes hard to tell whether he wrote the letter to say goodbye to Xi Hui or something different. 
    Also, is Xi Hui going to get sick, may be with appendicitis?  They keeping showing her with stomach pain and holding on to her right side.  Is that what’s going make 007 profess his truly feelings for Xi Hui?  Can’t wait till tomorrow’s episode.

  • HugB


  • grace

    zheng jun is abnormal….

  • Littlemustachex

    For the first time I feel good to zheng jun. but after watching tomorrow episode preview, i still rly dislike zheng jun action. Omg….. Zheng jun please wake up la!

  • 维娜


  • Jan

    Xi En & Jia Hui part is really… all these for the sake of 80 episodes. Pointless. Agree with Jess_jess, i also think Zheng Jun purposely do this to help the couple become closer, but i feel is redundant. 

    Hope 007 & Xi Hui have a happily-ever after-ending. 

    Waited 1 weekend for 007 & Xi Hui parts and had to wait for next episode for them to re-unite~!

  • Jess_jess

    actually. i think zheng jun is doing it on purpose? like make xi en realize how much she really love chocolate. and maybe shes playing the bad guy to make the couple get even closer? idk. i certainly hope its that way and not that she decided to become the 3rd party again.

    well there goes the good feelings i had for her a minute ago before the show ended and the preview started.

    now there goes the 007 and xi hui couple too.

    THIS SHOW IS [email protected]#[email protected]$#@!$#[email protected]#[email protected]#$
    but i still love it. ~.~


      but i think xi en already knows she loves jia hua? 


    They just went around in circles -____-
    xi en and jia hua broke up so he can help zhengjun but now they’re back together so the previous episode was all pointless. And now xi en’s going to get jealous… isnt the whole point of them “temporarily” breaking up in the first place was so that these problems can be avoided…

  • *_*

    god-_-why the hell they need to make it so complicated?!?!

  • happy

    arghs! why must zheng jun make xi en jealous!!!! 


    xi en’s like “I only realised today that I can’t live without him [jia hua]” but TBH how long have you been apart for… like a night? 

  • Happiness

    Today Episode feel very sad. 🙁

  • QQ

    No Xi Hui & 007 in the preview…..I think they may just have the first 5 mins of the next ep and the rest of the ep will be Xi-En, ZJ and Chocolate…….too bad…..the story is getting worse now with the two girls fighting over one guy!

  • happy

    aiyo letter dropped!

  • =”]

    cant Xi En just give Xi Hui and 007 a break… she just keeps dwelling on the fact that 007 use to be in the triad ==”

  • Hello


  • Jtlt


    The preview of ep. 61 intrigues me more than this ep! 

    Zhengjun plays evil seductress and tries to get Jiahua back. I thought that we’re over this??? Hahaha

  • 999


    • becky


  • Reef_mylove

    Weird twist and turns of the story 

  • angel

    wow for a second i liked zhengjun at the end where she encouraged her brother to go find xi hui. but the preview just threw me off again.

    • Jess_jess

      omg yeah. i was about to comment that zj isnt that irritating after she start to come to terms w things that happened and accepted her bro plus wanting to give up on JH. but the preview totally made me irritated again. zzzzzzzzzz

  • Jess_jess

    omg HE WENT TO SEE HER!!!!! 007 worries abt xi hui so much!

  • Bunny

    Why is zheng jun so irritating @[email protected] her voice and acting is so eww

  • pinkluv

    I think ZJ will be start to bitching at xi en.

  • Cherrypeachy

    does anyone have the problem with sound

  • lindagossips

    OMG! WHY THE PREVIEW NO XiHui or 007?!!! =(
    Hope tomorrow will be GOOD!

  • Nat


  • LOVE

    first “D

  • Chocolatee


  • Peiying1993


  • Vickieguh


  • Reef_mylove