Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 47

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • aguerrinha

    what is the song that plays when xi hua and 007 kiss?

  • Fifi

    Gosh, at least clean up the broken glass.  It has been there for days…

  • Joyceyeap_85

    althought i dont like 007 is paired with xi hui bc xi hui really so annoying n not suiatble with 007..n i know they will kiss in dis episode but i still feeling giggling seeing them… i think their story more interesting than the lead bc i found vanness sometime acting is over n lacking something.. it will b more nice if 007 paired with other actress is better but not yao yao… 

    • ally

      I like the scenes with 007 and xi hui too!

  • mida

    it seems like the only not annoying people in this drama are chocolate, xi en, prince, and welie. – ____ – 

  • ;;;;

    i like how qiao ke li was there the whole time just standing by xi en’s side and saying unnecessary stuff that nobody really listens to lol XD

  • Lala

    Hey! Can anyone tell me what song is that? @15.40

  • azsh

    Xi Hui is plain annoying. Ignorant child… seriously out of the situation ay.

    “Oh he’s hurt, if I’m not there, he won’t know to take care of hismelf…”
    P`leeeease. I wonder how 007 survived without her for the past 30 years then. 

  • Patti0311

    Xi Wei’s father is the most annoying character in the show. He is narrow minded and acts so irrationally. I’d be climbing the wall if I had a father like him. Total irritation. 

  • Guest

    007 and xi hui so cute together

  • Guest

    字典 LOL!

  • !<3EXO-M

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    • USTFU


  • lalala


  • anonymous

    the  kiss is   so simple  she kiss   her boss  then  he kiss back  ,  her  boss is not   handsome   at all , i hope  jia hua  will know her   mother

    • Guest

      I really wonder if we’re even watching the same show…the boss kissed her first and she kissed him back.  Besides, the boss has charisma. 

  • heyos

    lol… dictionary…

  • heyos

    omg!!!!!!!!!!! cant blieve xi hui would just leap up and kiss him like that….. and he kissed her back 🙂

  • Guest

    I wonder how the 2 leads feel having 007 and Xi Hui up stage them in storyline.  But, 007 and Xi Hui’s storyline is much more interesting and Bobby Dou plays the tortured soul who represses his feelings very well.  Xi Hui is a very single minded person so  she’ll insist on her feelings for 007.  Just look at how she persisted in helping 007 get together with his sister.  Her persistence will work out in her relationship with 007.  Perhaps, in the end, 007’s sister will also help him get back together with Xi Hui.  I think a good ending for 007 and Xi Hui is that she’ll grow up and graduate from university and 007 will take her abroad to further her studies in music with her family’s blessings.

  • guest


  • Jlzb88

    007 & XI HUI storyline is definitely more interesting than main lead Xi En & Jia HUa. Due to the unexpected climax which is the kidnap & confession!!!!

    • Dottt

      IKR.. if only xi en and jia hua has an INTERESTING story line . its interesting but it needs more excitement

  • Jtlt

    I am re-watching this episode and it’s just so good… have come to realize now that the 007-Xi Hui relationship is anchoring this show (after Xi En and Jiahua got together). Have a sneaky suspicion that the couple were not meant to have such a major storyline but because the audience were reacting favourably, the writers brought them into the forefront. Bobby Dou (007) really killed this role, he looks the part and his acting is great here. Yaoyao’s acting is also credible. That said, I don’t think 007 and Xi Hui will get together until the end of the show when she grows older, because this relationship is really like forbidden fruit – Xi Hui’s so young in the show! 18? 

    There’s only one main storyline left in the plot to deal with – Hao Jie’s reconciliation with Jiahua. And it will get melodramatic here because Hao Jie has early Alzheimer’s. Think the drama may end soon, unless they want to write in some complications in the Xi En – Jiahua romance?

    Any thoughts? 

    • Patti0311

       There is still the minor story of Jia Rui and that 007’s awful sister. She is so fake looking and her make up is awful. She looks like she is about to go on stage in a cabaret. Jia Rui deserves a better looking girl that her. Michael Chang is quite cute too.

      • Jtlt

        Hahaha! I find her alright, just that she has way too much make-up on. Think she just got the short end of the stick playing a not-so likeable character. Yes, they need to resolve that. I have this sinking suspicion at times that they will go their separate ways…

  • Yaflute

    A very interesting episode.  Anyone notices that both Xihui and 007 used the word “like (xi huan)” and not “love (ai)” when they expressed their feelings towards each other? Hmm, maybe there is more to the development of their relationship….probably 007 will eventually admit to himself and xihui that he loves (rather than ‘like’ ) her … 

    • Jiexicao

      Umm, I’m not sure how many dramas you’ve seen, but most confession use “like” rather than love. “Love” is too strong to be thrown around just at a confession and is usually used for couples who’ve been dating for a while. 

  • ruthoncall

    a man of the world, 007, falls in love with this very childish, unattractive, and rather dull-in-the-mind person!!

    • Guest

      I think 007 falls in love with Xi Hui because it’s been a long time since someone truly cares for him and will go to end of the world to help him with getting back with his sister.  Both his grandmother and sister despised the fact that he’s in the mafia and withdrew from him but Xi Hui came to understand his reasons and was on his side even though she’s very childish at times. But you’ve got to admit that she’s tenacious in her desire to help 007.

  • Maggyharden



  • Guest


    • Xihui

      that’s what i was thinking… when she was grabbing onto 007’s hands she looked so bad… and also when she was ‘crying’ about how she thought she didnt have the chance to tell 007 she liked him, she looked really ugly 

  • Na2s2o3


  • Na2s2o3


  • Suki

    拍戲就拍得真實一點嘛 琳恩睡覺的妝也太濃啦

  • Xoxopps

    ok the scene where he finds her is sweet and all but that was NOT the time to kiss. Hello??? Common sense?  U wanna die? 

    • Shey

      Lol agree, but if they didn’t kiss there they wouldn’t have another chance to do it before all the drama with the father.. 

    • guest

       yah totally agree, like its very sweet but maybe get the hell out of there first?

  • Ri


  • 今日新聞

    很討厭這一集… 我們的Bobby-Oppa 竟然和瑤瑤!? 而且還是寫成男方先主動!

    • Guest

      王子本來就不是什麼重要角色 對劇情毫無幫助發展的意義 當然輕描淡寫帶過 幹嘛贅述浪費觀眾時間 不是每個觀眾都是他的粉絲 OK?

  • Xenia


  • amy

    I feel really bad for the boss right now. everyone is going against him because he is heidao, but he has his own reasons to get involved. it hurts every time when ppl attack him because he is heidao. he tries to protect everyone around him, his sister, or xihui, or anyone else. he does it for a good deed. one’s identity doesnt matter, ones heart matter!! Anyway, i really do love xihui and the boss together. they are the best. only xihui really understands him and care for him. i cant wait till they are together

    • Nun

      I agree, no once in drama put the ir feet in his shoes

  • Peicele

    好好看的一集喔!! 終於親了!!

  • Fuckyou


  • =]

    OMGOSH!! Am I the only one?? I kept repeating this episode!! One of the best episode yet!!

    • MrAnobody

      Totally agree! This is the best episode for me and I keep repeating it, especially the first section when they kiss ^.^

  • hi

    xi Hui is so childish n selfish.. I dont like her..even Xi Ping is smarter than her..

    • bye

      dun agree

  • DramaCRAZY

    I find it interesting how 007 kisses his finger instead of wiping the kiss away after xi-hui kisses him at his house to prove that they love each other.

  • QQ

    it is kind of funny, after 007 hit so many people, he has nothing on his face, his hands???  well, maybe he is a true 007?!!

    i dont know why they had to shoot her legs when they kissed?  it is not a romantic setting.

  • MM

    I don’t understand why Xi-Hui keeps calling 007 “Boss”?  how many people will call the person they love “Boss”??  well, maybe before, but not after they kiss!!!

    • Scorpius_111390

      1) She’s use to calling her “Boss”
      2) Sign of dependence, submission and total TRUST?

    • Guest

      They get use to it. Xi En keeps calling Jia Hua “Chocolate” instead of using his real name too.

  • Rainey

    等了好久的戲碼, 在這一集一開始就看到了, 總覺得沒那麼special了…
    雖然這麼說, 但是看了還是好開心啊~
    可是… 他們應該離開這個危險地方再親吧?

  • guest

    007 跟 希惠在一起了~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I MEAN..心靈上!!

  • Drama_Addict

    80 epo is so much -_- but the plot is good, I think it might be better if the drama is a bit more fast pace. Excited for next epo, xi en and chocolate’s relationship needs to move on lol oh and I hope 007 and xi hui have a happy ending, they deserve it ^^


    I still think Vanness is really charming <3 

  • Guest


  • Xi Hui <3 007

    Why Hong Xi Hui confess to 007 is 007 kiss her 1st?? Den Xi Hui kiss him back?? I thought if u confess to a person u’ll wanna kiss that person, why is that person kiss u 1st?????

    • Missrachel019

      Because 007 also loves her 😉

  • 007 and xi hui :)

    My favorite episode just yet! I just love 007 and xi hui couple! It’s an interesting relationship! Can’t wait to see their happy ending but it doesn’t seem like its gonna be in next episode 🙁

  • JellY

    007 🙁

  • sydlala


  • vv


    • Scorpius_111390

      他们根本就喜欢对方!就像巧克力说的,为了希惠 一出事的时候007就跑过去保护她~ 一定要HE啊!一定要在一起啊!

  • Strawberryabove

    Loving 007 and Xi Hui together <3 KISSSSSS

  • At1002

    ”不是不喜欢… 是没有资格“    听了心好痛哦。。。

  • helenVdubb

    xi en overprotective xi hui… 007 already left triad.. he is a good man.. so poor of 007, not because he dont like but because he cant..

  • *_*

    xi en’s dad is so stupid-_-he still get out of the taxi when he knows the people are fighting and killing..
    007 deserve for a better girl! lol

    • Scorpius_111390

      agree to the first part of your comment, xi en’s dad is a little annoying.. BUT i think xi hui and 007 will make a cute couple, they suit each other!!!

  • helenVdubb

    007 is so handsome, thumbs up, wait for next episode.. hope they have a good ending.. 007 jia you..

  • *_*

    its from the news:(

    • <3 Wang Zi

      Where is the news???)

      • *_*

        in hong kong yahoo news

  • Exactlyjoy

    YES!!! Finally , they kissed!!! thought i had to wait until the last ep to see they kissed.

    anyway, it’s a bit hush since xihui claerly love 007 while 007 always treat her as sister. Still, they kissed nicely. The first gave us the surprise feeling. The second is just so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    love 007 ^ ^

    • Drama_Addict

      I feel like 007 is suppose to be this awkward guy because of him being in “hei dao” it seems like he is only treating xi hui like a sister, but what if that’s the way he shows his love?????

  • Scopiorox

    xi hui is sometimes so irritatingly childish and stubborn too…

  • Dramalover

    Why do I find the 007 couple so much more interesting? Even though Xi En is a better actress than Xi Hui… Even their kiss is more intense…

    • Guest

      It all thanks to Bobby 

      • ROYLOVE

        totally agree, bobby’s the one keeping the 007-xi hui couple alive

        • Mm

          I think he is the ONE keeping the show alive. I won’t watch this show without him!

    • Missrachel019

      its because we all know more or less how the storyline for chocolate and xi en goes.. and can predict that chocolate and xi en will be tgt… and we dont know much about 007 and xi hui..

    • helenVdubb

      i like 007 n xi hui story too

  • Guest


    • vv


  • Scopiorox

    in epi 46, i could almost understand zheng jun’s pessimistic outlook of her brother, for once she is making some sense, when the real issue of hei dou finally materialised…initially she was so annoying, i was thinking why is she such a stubborn & pessimistic person…

  • waiting

    sigh got to wait for 48 now. hope xi hui and 007 is happy ending

  • paperbell

    将心比心嘛!xi en 是保护还是自私呢?

    • Madd


    • JZ

      .當然是保護啊 別忘了我們觀眾知道007 是什麼樣的一個人 可是希恩什麼都不知道只知道他有黑道背景所以她當然会擔心啊 CN 沒有理由要自私 但可能有一點過分保護希惠了把 CN這麼可能会自私啊 欸 她洪希恩耶 haha

    • Pearl


  • Madd

    i hate how xi en doesn’t let 007 and xi hui be together. like dude shes dating chocolate too okay. she should be sympathetic toward 007 and xi hui. shes a fucking bitch

    • Jenny

      but the fact that she’s dating chocolate doesnt even mean anything.. its not like shes trying to stop xi hui dating someone because she herself is dating someone, its more she’s trying to prevent Xi HUi from getting into another dangerous situation.. if anything, she’s being a bit overprotective ..  NOT a f.ing bitch .

    • guest

      as an audience i know what kind of person 007 is and i still don’t feel any sympathy towards him bc i think he’s full of bullshit
      and xi en unlike us audience who knows what 007 really is like, all she knows is that he’s an ex-mafia and as an older sister you do the only thing possible prevent ur little sister from being with him to prevent her from being involve in another situation she was just in. as an older sister myself, i would do the extreme to protect my little sister and brother even if they hate me because it won’t matter as long as i know they are safe



  • Lovely

    some of you might think it’s weird for xi hui and 007 to kiss but i think it’s really cute and romantic. 😀

  • Tiamo


  • Guest

    i love 007 and xi hui !!! their love is soo .. beautiful 🙂 

  • Guest

    哇 政君頂著大濃妝睡覺…. 

  • vannesswu

    the bed scene between jia hua and xi en looks kinda awkward haha

  • 哇靠,007吻完再飆壞人一拳,有夠帥氣

    • vv




  • See


    • Jtkidyd

      睡巧克力那里呀 哈哈



    • Jtlt

      zomg… hahaha… it was a good one though, the second one!

    • Drama_Addict

      If he don’t love her, he probably wouldn’t kiss her first lol

  • Wowno

    希慧的演技真要加油,實在很 ………..

  • finally out

  • Aywy

    007you are so handsome! 

  • Lindsay


  • Lalala

    OMG 007 and XIHUI KISS OMFG ?????!! KYAAAAA !

  • Kuru0120


  • Yuki

    Finally after repetition of refreshing :p


      OMG I thought it was only me, Im always like refreshing the sugoideas page every second 

  • tt_02

    1st ^^

  • Yuki

    Yay First!!

  • Tracytsly


  • S8025741