Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 46

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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77 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 46

  1. xihui is so annoying i swear… and her stupid whiny voice.  i agree, she is selfish as fuck.. she ruins this whole drama lolo sometimes i wanna just punch her holy shit

    •  Oh, guys, give her a break.  She is ok  comparing  to Zhang-jun and that stupid Hao jie.
      I wish  Hao jie die soon and  ZJ just disappear, maybe go to South africa or something.

      ZJ is ugly, can’t act.  Just showing skin …..that’s annoying.


        oh yeah zheng jun sucks too. 

  2. hong ba is so nice..because usually in dramas when ppl divorce they start to have a competition and spass out or something 

  3. xi hui is effing annoying as eff 
    007 is so full of bullshit w/ his reasoning for joining mafia and all that protecting bullcrap
    so effing tired of these 2 ppl

  4. 洪希惠超級任性跟自私的,希恩都說了她爸誤會她媽有外遇有可能離婚了,還在那裏自私 的說不要回家。

  5. If xi en is so dramatic about 007 ex mafia status, how is she gonna accept xi hui being with 007 (the kissing photos on facebook) 

  6. JPM王子(邱勝翊)演出三立《愛上巧克力》,不少觀眾都期待帥氣的他,接下來會有什麼感情發展,但據了解,他因為身體出狀況,身體不堪負荷的情況下,忍痛請辭《愛》劇演出。
    Bye Bye 王子… 我們觀衆也忍痛看不到你的演出了…

    • 但最近在劇組時常不時頭暈、胃絞痛,有去檢查過卻還沒好轉,真的是忍到不能忍了。

    • 雖然已經無法在《愛上巧克力》裡面找真命天女。。。
      原來是有安排女配角給王子的啊,該不會是昆淩吧??? 現在昆淩一定是安排給40了,難怪小小會落單…

    • 雖然已經無法在《愛上巧克力》裡面找真命天女。。。
      原來是有安排女配角給王子的啊,該不會是昆淩吧??? 現在昆淩一定是安排給40了,難怪小小會落單…

  7. 從第一集看到現在, 

    Bobby-Oppa 還是帥到令人溶化,特別是他那雙BLING BLING 會笑的眼睛!


  8. I am also looking forward the eps with 007 and Xi Hui, there is more story lines with this couple than the main one.  You can see the changes from them with each ep.  However, I can only see that Xi Hui starts to fall in love with 007, she cares a lot for him.  I still see 007 treats her as a little sister, he only care about his own sister but no one else.  I don’t see the romantic feeling from him toward her.  Am I the only one feel this way?

    •  all i see is how selfish and self-absorbed xi hui is and none of the things you mention. anyone who don’t give a shit that her dad thinks her mom is having an affair and might divorce is a bitch who needs get cut

    • 007 never showed much romantic feelings towards Xi Hui because he never thought they’d fall in love since he’s too old for her.  However, you see moments where he started to show his affection, such as, his preparing breakfast for her.  In a couple of ep earlier, Xi Hui obviously fell asleep on his chair or something after watching over him all night long when he cried on her shoulders and when he woke up he put her in his bed and then prepared a cup of warm water for when she gets up.  That’s such a tender gesture.  Also, you can tell in this ep that he definitely would miss her.

  9. 007 already not in hei dao xi en should not say what because he is a hei dao and so on. Ppl can change to a better person.

  10. XI HUI is so selfish, annoying… whiny. I want to slap her. After hearing about her parent’s misunderstanding she is still whining about staying… omg!! horrible daughter!

    • YES and she needs to quit whining and go home, staying with him isnt going to make things better for you and for the rest of your family members either since there’s too many things that are left unsaid, making dad VERY worried. 

  11. I believe that Xi-en was right all along. Xi-Hui was stupid. I just could not believe that her mom would go along with her.

    •  I agree with that, but xi en shouldn’t keep saying that 007 is a bad person because he was in hei dao. I mean he isn’t anymore and he was only in hei dao in the first place to protect his family,

      • you do know that hei dao is not like a club where you can just opt out of when you like it, once ur involve you’re forever linked in some way bc u make enemies w/ other hei daos and they will not just let u go. 
        and besides his reason for joining was the most bullest of all bullshits. joining to protect ur family, a fucking mafia to protect ur family, once u join one mafia you make thousands of enemies from rival mafia and u endangers ur family. to really protect ur family u can become a cop or u get ur ass super rich those are the only ways
        im so sick and tire of his bullshit

        • Having rivals and nvr being able to get out of it doesn’t mean that your a bad person. You can’t just make that assumption about everyone who is in hei dao.

  12. Nice drama and interesting script – the writer developed Xi En and Jia Hua relationship too quickly.  The couple reached a steady state way before the half way mark of the entire drama so there is a sort of anti climax for some viewers who would have expected more twist and turns to the main actors’  relationship.  Whereas the relationship between Zheng Ting and Xi Hui (the supporting actors) develops incrementally, sometimes it moves forward 3 steps (like Zheng Ting showing concern to Xi Hui) and then back track 3 steps (such Zheng Ting telling Xi En’s mum that he treats her like a sister), such that at the end of almost every episode it builds up anticipation for the next stage of their development. In sum, this ZhengTing-XiHui relationship is more interesting than that between XiEn and JiaHua in spite of the fact that XiEn is a better actress than XiHui. 

  13. I love how everyone was like “im gonna do this” and xi pin was like “i’m gonna eat my fried rice” so cute haha

  14. 政君,即使妳沒離開過,妳也不會得到家驊的心,因為妳的心眼實在太小了和妳在一起的人不會快樂的。

    為什麼這麼緊張, 還會一起吃冰淇淋?

  15. i rly hate xi hui, she so selfish and so stpupid, i am getting to fed up with her, her dad and mum is quarrelling because of her yet she still only care about herself

    • her dad and mum aint quarrelling. More of misunderstanding. And she didnt know about the situation and after she did she followed her sis.

    • agree! can’t stand her pouting expression Xi hui very annoying……..I think the storyline was extended when they found that the  drama was popular, now it is 乱七八糟.

  16. zhengjun’s the one going “because of you I can’t have the person I love blahblah” so then 007 says “aren’t you dating jia rei? you dont love him?” and then she full goes “I TOLD YOU NOT TO INVOLVE YOURSELF IN MY BUSINESS” but she’s the one who brought it up first -___- 

  17. Omg this is getting so annoying . Why is the dad so snsitive? 007 is too young to be having an affair with the mum . Can’t he see past that and isn’t he taking it too heavIly???
    Xi en is also pissing me off . Sooo nosy . It’s partially xi hui’s fault but xi en doesn’t have the right to judge 007 and make her sister return home . The main problem between the mum and the dad is mistrust not xi hui . They could just get the mum to explain that it isn’t an affair! Dad is making such a dramatic problem

    • omg i totally agree.. especially the dad.. he’s so overdramatic like seriously hong ma can have male FRIENDS too and it wasn’t like he saw them hugging or anything intimate…. and he’s being all dramatic and mellow ugh… and plus he’s just driving the people it’s not like they’re gonna kill him.. yes true they might sound really aggressive and violent but he is a taxi driver after all, does he really think they will kill him -____-
      yeah xi en is pissing me too, she’s doesn’t have to be so cold and rude to 007, i get that she’s worried about xi hui but….

      • I’m sorry but the whole show is getting annoying; I skim and scan these days… 80 episodes is too long and this is not nearly as good as inborn pair and THAT was draggy towards the end too

    • yeah.. i guess its kinda reasonable though, cuz she doesnt know him at all, all she knows is that he has some gangster-y background, and cuz she cares too much about Xi Hui and her safety (especially when she’s so…. uhmm.. wel not stupid.. but like. naive lol)

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