Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 44

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  3. Does anyone know where in Taiwan the place where the two brothers with their gfs went? Is it Yilan?
    Anw I noticed they are styling Xi En more femininely these days and the chemistry between Xi En and Jiahua is getting much better (: I liked this ep… 

  4. i feel that Zheng Jun never try to make the relationship between Jia Rei & herself better, just use
    Jia Rei to approch Jia Hua, and when they finally hang out together(i mean with Xi En & Jia Rei),
    Zheng Jun always watch Jia Rei, acted sadly while XI En & Jia Hua look happy together… it’s so
    f***!!! Can’t she see Jai Rei’s effort? just try to get her attention, and care about her so, so much….

  5. I actually feel bad for 政君… she has to watch the person she loves love someone else… although she was the one that wanted the date, the fact that she has to witness all that is heartbreaking. And so far she doesn’t seem like she wants to break them up or anything. So I don’t hate her. I pity her. 🙁

    • yeah… but then she says all those random stuff on purpose in front of Xi En.. like come on.. any normal person would know not to talk about ‘memories’ with their ex in front of their ex’s girlfriend… and the fact that she asked for the date.. idk..  it kinda seems to me that she’s just trying to get back with Chocolate.. when we ALL know that thats not gonig to happen sine QiaoKeLi is already Xi En’s (: haha 

  6.  郝姐跟小小要出去買東西順便走走
    大師邀郝姐看電影,郝姐回他說那我和小小看完電影在打給你,我們直接約在電影院- -?

  7. I dont understand why everyone’s having so much hatred towards zheng jun. I mean come on if you were in her shoes, wont you be as mad as her. Especially the part where you killed someone. She got into that situation is afterall, her bro’s fault cause he’s in a gang. On top of that, because of the killing part you’ve gotto give up everything you had planned and be alone.

  8. I’m so happy that this is a daily drama 😀 (even though today is Friday so i’m gonna have to wait 2 days for the next ep sigh) 

  9. I actually really like this episode!! Xi en and Jia Hua were so cute!! esp at the beach scene where he lifted her up and spun her around <3 ! 

  10. Xi En’s actually nice and kind-hearted whilst Zheng Jun’s just putting on a fake act when shes like “I hope we can all still be friends”. Plus, she’s using Jia Rei just to approach Jia Hua … 

  11. and xi hui was so cute when she was like “can you stay at home? i feel sick” and 007 actually stayed home!! OMG and it was so cute how he made breakfast for her! I still think the scriptwriters should keep their relationship a brother-sisterly one though! 

  12. Tbh, not really a fan of hong ba…. in the first few episodes he kept overreacting with jia hua and now stalking his wife…. he should have more trust in her because in the previous episode she already told him that she wasnt having an affair… he’s just thinking too much

  13. WAH XI EN IS SO NICE AND KIND-HEARTED! Doesn’t she know the no.1 person to be wary of is the ex-girlfriend because they usually want your boyfriend back! Luckily Jia Hua is super considerate of Xi En and tries to minimise any contact with Zheng Jun and Xi En also trusts Jia Hua so Zheng Jun is unable to cause any misunderstandings between our cute couple <3! Even Jia Rei smiled at how kind he thought she was when she didn't even hesitate when Jia Rei suggested with asking Jia Hua to help convince Zheng Jun to reconcile with her 007!  I LOVE XI EN AND JIA HUA! OMG BEST COUPLE :') 

  14. i dislike it when one person asks a question to find out what is going on and the other stutters and doesn’t want to say it….and the ex gf is such a sneaky and a selfish bitch

  15. okay i dont think they will eat together at all..cause she is SUCH a bitch..what is the big deal when 007 is actually helping her 5 yrs ago…i think things are gonna get bad w 007 and xi huai…cause im sure he’ll wait for her and get super pissed that she didn sho and then he’ll kill xi huai LOL i swear these ppl are so heard headed…

  16. omg that is epic…cant believe 007 went down to get grocery and then xi huai’s dad saw hahaha NICE!!! man i want to c more of their story damn it hah

    • shes just mad that she killed someone thanks to 007 and then she got sent away and forced to leave the love of her life…and then couldnt see grandma for the last time before she passed away…but honestly it is so dumb…hes only doing it to help her…but NOO that ungrateful bitch hahaha

      • I think too many people are involved in trying to figure out how to take care of zheng ting and zheng jun. It all started BECAUSE Xi Hui wanted to get nosy and involved in her boss’s personal life!!!!.. I get she wants to care and help her boss, but xi hui should not try to force it, she’s like an outsider, she doesnt know her boss THAT WELL and she doesnt know the details of story and its not necessary to pry into their lives and force zheng jun to accept her brother ASAP..:(
        if she didn’t meddle, her carying mom and sister would not have to help and hong ba wouldnt be doubting himself and his marriage to a younger man…I kinda agree with both the Jia brothers that we need to leave the issue alone and if they want to reconcile then it will happen.. its like we got too many eyes looking into all of this.. 🙁 

    • they did. zheng ting became a gangster to become strong so he can protect zheng jun and their grandma, but because people seek revenge on lu zheng ting, they captured zheng jun along with zheng ting. zheng jun accidentally pushed the guy in self defense and the guy knocked on a sharp wood plank and i presume, died. zheng ting thus sent zheng jun away overseas forcefully as she refused to leave, thats when she shouted she hates him. and she did not get to see their grandma at her death bed, thus she refuse to forgive him.

      its all shown at the past few episodes, along the series.

    • yup… Zheng jun is trying. Wayyy too freakin hard to get his attention.. she’s dressing herself to give jia hua the wrong impression… 🙁 

  17. I really appreciate your effort uploading good shows for us who are unable to watch them in Taiwan. Thank you very very much!

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