Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 42

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • 这希惠太天真太离谱了!受不了!OTL

  • Yao_sugiar

    excellence movie with colorful family story, love story and philosophy of life.

  • sfsf

    希惠好好好好煩 好笨, 笨死了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pepko


  • anan

    thanks for sharing

  • Xiaobei

    aiyo so many advertisement eh..aiks…

  • Guest

    where’s the ep 42? ;S

  • Angellam

     so lag!!!!!!!!

  • Guest


    • peeps

      you’re just jealous you can’t speak english hahahaha

      • Aqua_we07

        i can speak english and chinese as well ,,, event i’m chinese born indonesian.

        sooooooo it’s our freedom we want used what languages!
        and this is online!! if you only want to saw comment in chinese,,,sooooo make this channel private and only can watch in taiwan.
        if this channel free to watched,,then stop compalining about what languanges that we used!

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    • zxczxc

      你是忌妒你不會說英文嘛?? 英文是名流尖端 OK??你那麼落伍還是去種田好了!! 比較符合你的身分~

      • Happy012398

        忌妒你不會説英文 好怪的文法哈哈

    • Jess

      … 有些是ABC 不會打中文啊.. 這是網路不是中國好嗎.

    • Guest

      my parents are both Chinese, but I was born in America…
      and we can leave a comment in whatever language we want..
      it’s our freedom…
      所以这个 website 不是 只给中国人看的。。。
      ok ok ? bye !

    • Guest

      stupid faggot. sorry just have to say that.


    VANNESS IS SO HANDSOME <3 When he was teaching hong ba how to look cool whilst putting on a blazer + doing his tie OMGOSH + reversing in the driver's seat ! reminded me SO MUCH of AC where Ady helped him do his tie and his driving skills in AC HEHEHE 

  • MZ_hypo89

    OMG how come its not on Youtube no more?? 🙁

  • Jky

    Can’t see…..

  • Jhkwu

    cant see anything on screen ><"

  • Shannelle_teo

    It’s no longer being shown on youtube?

  • Lillian821015

    So so so so sad…We can’t watch it any more!!!  I love this drama so much…

  • Pig0821

    Can someone share the link to watch online????????????

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  • whisperings

    Videos are gone?

  • DQ

    Xihui’s mother tried to knock some sense into her.  Invading Lu Zhengting’s privay is a bad move.  Xihui may get kicked out again. 

    On another note, why was it such a bad thing to send Zhengjun overseas?  It is better than possible jail time.  Zhengjun is such a bad sister and never tried to understand her own brother.   

    • Scopiorox

       i just can’t stand her pessimistic nature but it takes all kinds to make a world, so does dramas….now stuck with no epi 42 to watch, anyone know of other sites that might have?

  • DL

    Hong Xihui is so wrong to steal Lu Zhengting’s diary. 

  • Eggu8

    Seriously, Xi Huay’s character has become a real bore, so’s 007, wish they would just fade out

    • Kirara

      yeah, i agree with you on that one, need new characters to introduce or just keep the main ones and drag out the story, well except the mom part… that needs to be done and over with too. 

  • Dks

    is it me or do they never have any customers?

  • guest

    omg i dun get why the dad is so annoying…

    • Kirara

      is funny how they were able to figure out where they were.. it was like a miracle.. he automatically knew mom and sister were going to open the door to find hong ba and company standing right there.. hahah. 

  • Loolilol

    吴建豪短头发好帅, 很 man 的感觉 ! <3

  • Kay

    OMG….Total 80 episode…..

    • Dottt

      wow so this is only half way? LOL and its allready excellent.. can’t wait for more surprises

  • Xoxopps

    Shi Huay is a huge privacy invader.. she doesnt learn..asking her nicely to not do it… nope. yell at her… nope… I think she needs a beating. 

  • Fuegoemonica

    jia hua   mother is so  selfish  and a bad mother   she dont  want  to  tell  her  son that  she is his    mother , lao  kong  wife  is such  a liar  , lying  to  her husband that  her  sister  had  problem  but  in fact   their  daughter  was  just   a fucking  maid  to  a man  and  was   kicked  out  in the  school such  a useless  mother  and   bad  mother

    • Guest00

      and she shouldnt agreed to have her daughter invade other ppl’s privacy no matter what her excuse is about family value, it’s not her business, period!

  • Guest

    i HATE hong xi hui… she’s SO retarded

    • Kirara

      She really must like her boss A LOT because she will go at any lengths to go and destroy herself and her image to get him to like her.. if she finds that he really doesnt care about her, then she’s really gonna be angry, cry or throw a temper tantrum.. 

  • great


  • Exactlyjoy

    very improper .. unpolite and wrong logical thought abt steal sb’s diary..
    even for good reasons .. it’s still considered a BAD HABIT

    • Guest3

      It’s written in the script.  If that didn’t happen there would be no story line to come from it.

  • Guest


  • Littlemustachex

    How I wish there is more part in a episode! Everyday 4parts alittle too little of it!

  • tomorrow’s episode looks good ^^

  • Jess

    yay <3 thank you uploaders. appreciate your efforts. really.

  • Mavisxk


  • Helloiloveyou

    lu zheng jun very unforgiving sia

    • jt

       but gotta consider her fear of almost getting raped in the past

  • Nicole

    ha its semi silly that the mom is also allowing xi huai to look thru the diary…lol no wonder xi huai is the way she is..i think next episode is better…today’s episode’s bit boring..

    • Guest

      I know!! There is a lot of different ways to help people. Looking through people’s diary is just WRONG! Does not matter what your purpose is… 

  • Rachel

    2ND XD

  • Na2s2o3


  • selina17