Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 37

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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60 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 37

  1. Whatever happened to the chocolate competition?…..They mention it once in a while, but it doesn’t seem to be occurring 🙁

  2. Actually Zhen Jun is not as bad as you guys say >w> She rlly did have a reason to leave 5 years ago but yes, she should’ve told Jia Hua. She’s actually a nice person. Since she gave Xi En a gift as her blessings. 

    • tt gift was something she want xi en to pass to chocolate, not a gift for xi en. 
      i dont like her bcuz she uses tears alot, and if she chose to leave without telling choc the real reason, no matter how valid her reason is, she doesnt have the right to want choc back. and especially not using tears to gain pity.

    • true but too many shower scene is no good. lol

      and she shouldnt do all the things for jia hua, even she accept jia rui is for jia wa. this is no fair for jia rui 🙁


  4. oh sry, some ppl grew up abroad and arent used to write chinese…btw my netbook isnt even capable to do that

  5. oh sry, some ppl grew up abroad and arent used to write chinese…btw my netbook isnt even capable to do that

  6. cherry = cherish that was used for magicians of love which joanna is female lead too. erm. the reuse abit…. ._.”’

    and seriosuly other than annoying, i dont know what xi hui is there for. hong jia dont need her to be their daughter, 007 dont need her to meddle in his business [esp, reading his diary, wth? thats so so personal.] god reaaaally. i dont want her to end up w 007. shes too irritating -.-

  7. Chocolate’s dad keep giving the epic face throughout the conversation which are extremely cute man…He like 2 different person 1st is the strict and unreasonable 2nd is expression which are extremely cute especially the epic expressions

  8. I skipped nearly all of the parts with Zhengjun in it. I think the character came in too late in the show and the actress who plays her doesn’t grab my attention. I also feel that Zhengjun and Jiarui don’t have chemistry at all – Haru has more chemistry with Xiping! 

    On the upside, really like how the show is currently progressing with Jiahua and Xi En. The advantage of this 80 episode series is that their romance progressed in such a natural manner.  

    007 and Xi Hui have kind of fizzled… but will await the coming episodes to see what unfolds. 

    • don’t forget the mom, which has no plot whosoever except for I can’t redeem my son because I can’t redeem my health=,=  everyone come pity me-.-”” I skip all of her parts too, which makes this a very short episode along with the last one

  9. 不知道大家去youtube搜尋過片尾曲吳建豪和俊昊的不敗(undefeated)了嗎? 實在帥到極點了! 真的一定看。

    還有他另一曲–媽媽,也好好聽好感人! 聽聽看啊!

  10. Xi Hui is very very annoying .. There is only a small gap between innocent and stupid and Xi Hui is more likely to be stupid -_-!!! Stubbornly stupidily doing good things, however, are considered stupid -_-!!!   No any good ppl would break into somebodyelse room and search for not own ‘s stuff. Almost got out from boss’s house ppl would never act like this and would cause no more problem. Silent and quilty look might suit Xi Hui more than what she is now ..

    so unreal charactor.. poor charactor design.

  11. Zheng Jun is a bit selfish.. How can she think of accepting Jia Rui so that she can still be friends with Jia Hua… 

  12. man 007 is so mean. even though xi hai is kinda nosiy and annoying but…thats so mean. some times i watch this and think maybe they wont be together..how weird is that to be together when this guy is so mean and kinda like a dad always telling her what to do and what not to do…eh..

  13. wtffffffff. why. just why is the present the same… ==”.. now the whole love square is susceptible to misunderstandings.. cuz of that one stupid present, nooooooooooo CN & CHOCOLATE 🙁

  14. 希惠发烧了;巧可力剪了头发了耶;郝姐的病越来越严重。敬请期待下一集的爱上巧可力吧!!Ti Amo  

  15. where did he get the gift at..thought he was playing basketball..lol its too big to be kept in his pockets while he played ball..lol

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