Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 36

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • E

    omg.. zhen jun is obviously a blonde! brainless shit!

  • Poooo

    Doesn’t Zhen Jun ever know when to give up?

  • Jckira

    how the fuck did she find her address!?

    • Jckira

      and omg xi en’s mum is soooooo nice and kind!!! =D

  • DramaQueen

    Xi-En has the best mom ever!!

  • Fuegoerika

    if i were  zhen gui  i will no longer  chase  jia hua  and treasure   jia  hua  as  he  is  always  there  to  love  me , stupid  lady  she  is  still  hoping  jia  hua  will  feel  the  same way  too ,  jia hua  ex lover  is so  stupid

  • Nicole(:

    how many eps on this? 

    • vv


  • Leenda

    vanness’ ass got lucky with the parents..and xi-en. 
    vanness’ ex girlfriend needs to go, she’s annoying as hell and pathetic, she has a man that loves her, but she won’t even give him a chance. i hate girls like that. manipulative and pitiful.

  • so cooll

    so many episodes…
                   but this is a awesome show…

  • Kirara

    GO VANNESS!! You tell that girl to go.. cuz saying it nicely didnt do any justice.. she just brushed it off to think he still cared.. but if u dont yell at her she doesnt get the point.. haha.. lets just hope she doesnt cause any more trouble!!! 😀 

  • Chochoming

    看來很多阿宅會去打那隻手機號碼了 0982429777….((請問是陸政君嘛?!….lol

    • A952025a


  • Guest3

    Is Fang Jia Hua ex-girlfriend 007 sister? 
    At the end of episode 36 there was a preview of episode 37 where Fang Jia Rui is giving Fang Jia Hua ex-girlfriend a piggyback ride near an intersection of local shops. I see 007 with his entourage getting out of the car and 007 spots Fang Jia Rui giving a girl a piggyback ride.  Is that his long lost sister and what is her name.

    • Belle

      yes the girl is 007’s sister

  • david

    I wish there’s a English sub on this drama.


    Jia Hua’s dad’s reaction to the grandmother telling him it was her that forced Jia Yi to leave was rather…. calm!! I thought he’d be at least a little angry.. idk.. maybe he was too shocked 

    • guest

      i know right?
      i thought he was going to go apeshit at his mother.

    • Fifi

       Yeah, but it was almost 30 years ago.  He wouldn’t have the second son if that did happened.

  • Tacfan

    I feel sorry for Jia Rui, he’s so sweet but that ex gf even when drunk only knows Jia Wah…..can’t wait for next episode!


    I want Xi-Hui & 007!

  • April

    ex gf is a sneaky b#$%h…she wants to meet xien on purpose…i hate girls like that, speaking from personal experiences too

  • 玲珑


    • VV


      • Guest

        你错了, 上上面说的dui

  • Eere

    sighhh, xi en is fucking retarded. like love is selfish alright =.= geez. 

  • Star

    I really like 家瑞, he is such a nice guy, he deserves a lot more! He acts so well! The two brothers are so nice, both Vanness and  家瑞, love it!

  • Guest

    good episode 🙂 i can do with episodes w/out xi hue and 007 =p  can’t wait til tomorrow!

  • Jj

    knew that once his ex gf is back, she’ll cause alot of unnecessary problems! it would be so much better for JH to tell xi en himself. sigh

  • sugelan_tablet

    巧克力,有话直说, 赞!
    希恩,恋爱本来就是两个人的事,so there’s absolutely no need for you to 关心什么前女友。好好地享受那一份被巧克力爱的滋味吧!

    • Apple


  • Punk_ponk88

    Can’t wait for tommorrow. I hate Jia Rue, why he so stupid like that……But thank to uploader…^^


    I hate seeing jia rei so pathetically in love with zheng jun when he deserves so much better

  • Gifts

    thank you ! administrator, moderator uploader!! for uploading every episode of the dramas and understanding that there are people living abroad who cannot have the opportunity to watch it on tv!!! Thank you for this and every each drama! they are wonderful. You, too, of course 😉 bless… Regards from argentina =D 

  • Happy

    Xi En’s mum is very nice and inderstanding.


    ha. vanness’s ex gf kinda looks like those bull dogs..like, when she cries >.>

  • Expecting


    我一點也不覺得巧克力狠心,因為給對方曖昧不明的期待才是害了對方和傷害的自己另一半。巧克力加油! 要挺住!

  • HELLO!

    don’t really like the zhengjun parts

  • B3llz_daoz

    Xi en’s mum is a super understanding n fair mum….. Wat she says really do make sense…

  • ㄅㄅ


    • Nokia84107


      • Margaretlyh


    • Guest


      • Jckira

        but she did just as bad, and her role was pretty much the same as this one

  • Ocean Happiness


  • Jess

    THANK YOU CN’s mum for telling her all that (: 
    on another note… damn i feel sorry for Jia Rei …

  • Chloe

    No Xi Hui today 🙁 Awaits tmr episode hoping there is Xi hui.


    that was such a nice mother-daughter talk 🙂 

    • B3llz_daoz

      Ya such a understanding mum!!

  • Miller2455


    • Jckira


  • Guest

    thanks 🙂