Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 34

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • Nancy Marquez

    what’s the songs name zheng jun is dancing too in episode 32

  • Guest

     really like van ness’ song 今天開始…好好聽

  • O_oy


  • Natalie


    • Lucy

      so true! i agree.. xi hun’s act is so stupid..


    let me guess, xi hui approaches zheng jun again and she forgives her and 007 will buckle because she twisted her ankle and zheng jun and 007 will reconcile 

  • Chocolate Guest

    Anyone know Ti Amo Chocolate how many episode?

    • 4ever

      49 ep!!

      • Rainey

         i thought there are 80 eps!

      • Exactlyjoy

        is it a bit too long ? start to get bored of it

  • 87VONG

    I am very like 007 act on the story. He so good and handsome.

  • Guest

    the main cast relationship needs to move a lil…its kinda lame

  • Kirara

    No offense to everyone but this Xi Hui character is written very poorly.. overly nosy and stupid and stepping on toes that aren’t necessary… besides the Vanness and qiao en parts.. the entire episode was quite bland and hard to watch… 🙁 

    • France

      the actress herself is annoying.

  • Guest

    i want more wangzi and mc40 lol

    • guest

      i want more wangzi and mc40 action too.
      i think they’re so funny.

      sometimes i rather them cut out some of xi hui’s scenes.
      i really dislike her acting…

  • Nicole

    I love this episode, finally they are playing other casts. i hate watching just the two main casts its so gay they are already together…move on! anyways…even tho xi hui is nosy but its still so good. i wanna know about their story more…

  • sweetie720

    if anyone is looking for the preview it is in the full episode at 43:16


    hahha too much 007 and xi hui! I want more Xi en and chocolate!! 

  • LovelyDay

    Logically speaking, I actually don’t think 007 would end up with Xi hui if the show is going in this direction: Chocolate would end up with Xi en and Chocolate’s brother would end up with 007’s sister…

  • Jj

    chocolate’s bro when he wanted to turn back and go when he saw them like abit lag uh. but his shy smile aft tt so cute!


    I like 洪希惠 & 007!  Dont’ like V….

    • guest

      I like V!!! don’t like 洪希惠 & 007

    • Guest

      =.= vanness is amazing 

  • Lion


  • Isabelle86

    Anyone noes wads the ending song n singer of the song ??

    • guest


    • Yh-peh

      途中 by jane huang

    • Laetri

       途中 by Jane Huang

    • Punk_ponk88

      En Route by Jane Huang

  • Gerilyn Lijuan

    why no preview):

  • vv


    • Nicole

      thats cuz they insist on circling around 家驊和希恩 it is so gay. their story should end already since they are already together. but 007 on the other hand needs to start revealing his secrets. that is the only reason why i am still watching this show. plus to kill time during work haha

  • Expecting



  • Ocean Happiness
  • Procal


  • Procal

    first from Indonesia


    1st !