Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 30

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  • Guest

    This episode of 007 & Xi Hui is really sweet and kind of sad. Xi Hui really want to help 007 but sad she got yell at. 

  • sfsf

    hong xi hui is sO FREAKING DUMB OMG 怎麼那麼多話… 要是我是老闆, 我也會發脾氣呀!!!! 

  • 該不會007的妹妹就是巧克力的女友吧!!!

    • rachel

       你猜的没错 007的妹妹就是巧克力的前女友。 007在戏里面叫政廷, 巧克力女友叫政君
      yes you are right, 007 sister is choc’s ex gf, the name for 007 in this show is Zheng Ting, whilst her sister which is choc’s ex gf is Zheng Jun

      • Rainey

        所以007沒有他妹妹的消息, 只知道她出國…

  • 007叫竇智孔!!!台灣人

  • At1002

    007 叫什么名啊?台湾人吗?

  • At1002

    007 叫什么名啊?台湾人吗?

  • Kirara

    oh AWWW. PRINCE AND PRINCESS!!! Yay!! I hope everything turns out okay! 🙂 

  • Xoxopps

    LoL did anyone see that Shee-On was wearing a “NO BOYFRIEND” shirt this entire episode? LoL

  • Jen Gh

    Gah, when Xi En says that if they go out together, in the future there won’t be any guys willing to be with her, and Vanness says “you don’t need any other guys”… SWOON > < <3

  • Aaronyan<3

    I don’t think xi hui is 007’s sister caz he didn’t see his sister for only 5 years, and 5 years is not long enough to let a person not be able to recognize his own family (considering if xi hui really is his sis) Plus xi hui is probably like 20yrs old in this drama, so if she really is 007’s sis, 007 should be able to recognize her right away caz the last time he saw her was only 5 years ago.

    • Mm

      I agree. Also If she is the sis, she will know herself that she is adopted…..she would be 15 when she was adopted. I think she is going to help him to find the sister somehow??

      • jt

         i doubt xihui is related to 007.. think they just put her in to link 007’s sister into the show. lol

  • Shaofong<3


  • Jj

    anyone know the song playing at part 3 5.16 to 5.25?

    • aprilgirlx14

      i want to know, too ^_^

  • Punk_ponk88

    24hours its too long

  • Febanonymous2012

    get it now, Xi Hui is an adopted daughter who is the sister of the dude she is living with now.

    • guest

       no shes probably isn’t…i bet she just reminds him of his sister because remember he kissed her in like the first few episodes i doubt they are siblings

  • guest

    too much 007 and hong xi hui in this episode, skipped almost the entire episode.
    too long, too boring!

    • Kirara

      yeah.. not enough Vanness time! 🙂 

    • haix

      007 part better than vanness

      • guest

        sorry to burst your bubble but NO
        007 part is plain boring

  • Isabelle86

    Part 02/04 can’t load 🙁

  • vv


  • Rainwithwind

    NO boyfriend, xien’s tshirt is funny

    • happy

      no boyfriend no problem :p

  • kit


  • happy

    How many episodes are there in total?

    • vv


  • Ocean Happiness

    007 so cool.

    • Overboard

      how is he cool? he always rages for no apparent reason… 

  • Vanfan

    Watch the full version, the part 2 is ok there

  • Exactlyjoy

    too long!!! .. how many ep then ??

  • aaaaliieeenn

    i cant wait to know 007’s storryyyyY!!!!!

  • Favpink86

    i think the girl that 007 waited for 5 yrs should be his sis instead of his lover ba….

  • yee mei esther lo

    me 2-.-

  • Jc

     part 2 is unavailable

  • Miller2455


  • Jj

    somehow i think vanness’ grandma would be the one spilling the beans that hao jie is his mother. 

  • Jj

    <3!!!!!!!!!!! suffering frm no tiamo choc for 2 days! hehe!!! 

  • qwerty123


  • At1002

    1st!!! yeah